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Why Shouldn’t You DIY Your Small Business Website?

People fall for DIY websites when they need a small business website built quickly and cost-effective. This might seem like a great idea with a short-term goal in mind. But, for your business to grow, you need the best website. In a simple google search, thousands of websites provide you with a free DIY website builder.

With the current competition in online business, a haphazardly made small business website will create no impression on the digital. After all, the ultimate goal of a website is to get results and leads. And if you cannot produce that with your free website, then there is no point in investing time in it.

Why Shouldn’t You DIY Your Small Business Website?

Keep reading to understand why a self-build website will not be a good idea for your Startup Business.

1. Limited Customization

DIY websites have a set of templates, and you have to choose your design from them. This confines your ability to customise your website. Imagine having built your website interface with time and effort, and you later know that you can list only ten products.

2. Third Party Website Ads

Do you wonder what they would get if they gave you a free website? Most DIY website builders run third-party ads. How annoying would it be to have your small business website look like a billboard after all the effort you put into building it?

3. Time-Consuming

Operating a small business is not an easy task. You have to handle everything work, family, business and many other things. Being a small business owner, your business needs your maximum attention. Invest your time in something that you are best at. Learning website development and working on a DIY website would be a waste of time and effort.

4. Technicalities of an eCommerce website

A successful webstore is not just about great images and a good description. For the website to bring in traffic, you need an SEO-optimized website. Most DIY builders do not have the provision to add meta tags, headings etc. There are several aspects of website building like navigability, load time, responsiveness, newsletters, menus and much more.

5. Science of web design

Website design is also a science. You have a concise time to impress the viewer in this fast world. They decide in 0.5 sec. A good designer can influence credibility and professionalism with eye-catching design.

Just give this a thought. If anyone and everyone could build a website, why do people approach the best website development companies? You can start from scratch as a startup or small business website, but a DIY webstore is not the ultimate answer.

Why Shouldn’t You DIY Your Small Business Website?

What is the Alternative to Building an Affordable Small Business Website?

1. WordPress Website

Several free or cheap WordPress themes can help you design a website on drag and drop. However, working on these will be real trouble if you do not know WordPress development. You will have to manage to purchase the right domain, redirect the domain name, plugins and several challenges that may come along the way.

2. Finding a Newbie Web Designer or Developer

There are several freelance websites where you can find web developers who are amateurs. They build websites at meagre costs. But the problem arises that amateurish designs do not create the desired impact for your business. There are several aspects to creating an eCommerce website, and entrusting inexperienced freelancers will prove a wrong decision.

3. Commission Based Ecommerce Website with SimpfyTech

We have curated SimpfyTech 5% Club as a solution for small businesses to create great websites. With a mere 5$ registration charge, you can get a customised eCommerce store for your startup business. The website is SEO optimised and CMS based. SimpfyTech provides full-fledged support, and extra functionalities, if required, can be added at minimal costs.

We have a quick turnaround time too. You can have your website ready in 48-72 hours of confirmation. Your website comes ready to sell, and you can start taking orders from day one. You pay a sale commission of just 5% when you make a sale.

SimpfyTech aims to redefine eCommerce and support small businesses with the 5% Club. We are making digital presence affordable for all. It works like a mutual association, as we build the best designs for your website so that it delivers results. And your results are our commission source for the effort that we have invested in your website.

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