1. About the Website:

1.1. The website SimpfyTech.com/au, registered under ABN 34 653 688 656 provides multiple services related to digital and marketing solutions.

1.2. SimplifyTech is the owner, developer and distributor of the services associated with website building and related software. Access to the website, or the products and services, is solely provided by SimpfyTech.

1.3. The terms and conditions noted below are the terms on which SimpfyTech will provide its services to you. This remains as an agreement between you (Customer) and us (SimpfyTech).

1.4. SimpfyTech holds the right to change or review the Terms and Conditions documentation at any time at its sole discretion. While making these changes SimpfyTech will provide you with the required updates to the Terms. You may keep a copy of the Terms for your reference. Notice will be provided 7 days prior to its implementation, on our website or by email. 

1.5. By remaining on the website, you accept the Terms and Conditions documentation. You also agree to and consent to be bound by the changes made by SimpfyTech under the clause.

2. Copyright:

2.1. The website, content and all of the related products of SimpfyTech.com are subject to copyright.

2.2. Website design text, graphics, selection and arrangement is reserved by SimpfyTech.

2.3. Copyright of the material contained on SimpfyTech website comes under the Copyright Act 1968 (Cth), Australia, and through international treaties, under the laws of many other countries.

2.4. It is not permissible to broadcast, republish , transmit, post, distribute or upload the contents of this website or third party contents without prior consent, or unless otherwise provided by the Terms.

2.5 The prohibition does not apply to materials on the website which are freely available for re-use or are in the public domain.

3. Services:

3.1. SimpfyTech will provide all the products and services for the respective services purchased by the customer from the SimpfyTech website.

3.2. All design services sold by SimpfyTech are detailed on the website.

3.3. All customers agree to abide by the domain name registration policies as defined under
http://www.auda.org.au (for .au domain names)
http://www.enom.com (for other domain names)
http://www.icann.org (for other domain names)

3.4. SimpfyTech holds the authority to share the contact details to the respective domain registry upon request. You or SimpfyTech does not have the right to ownership of the domain name purchased.

3.5. You should not register or renew the domain name without prior confirmation from SimpfyTech. The domain name registry has the right to deactivate or delete the specific domain name registry in case of non payment within the due date.

3.6. SimpfyTech holds the right to deactivate or cancel any domain name which may be proven to be illegal, fraudulent, violation of intellectual property rights or legal rights, defamatory or disparaging projection of a third party. You will compensate and will ensure that SimpfyTech is fully compensated in case of any loss or damage incurred by Simpfytech due to your usage of the domain name.

3.7. Search services provided by SimpfyTech includes SEO, SEM and Google Map optimisation services. SimpfyTech may use a 3rd party service to deliver the Search Services in full or in part, and it lies under the sole discretion of the company.

3.8. For all services, the beginning of the Term of Services will be from the date of activation of the product or the date when it is provided by SimpfyTech. After the first term as defined, it has to be renewed. In case you want to cancel the renewal, you are obliged to provide a notice prior to at least 10 days of renewal. If the withdrawal of renewal is not provided 10 days before, the term of service is automatically renewed.

3.9. The term of the domain name will be communicated while availing the service. This remains the period of agreement of the subdomain. SimpfyTech does not take the responsibility of any losses due to your failure to renew the domain in time.

4. Payment:

4.1. Prices and associated charges of any product or service will be defined in the quote.In case a quote is not provided, the charges will be as defined on the website.

4.2. All prices and charges are inclusive of GST, unless otherwise mentioned.

4.3 You may avail extra services or products (like extra storage or bandwidth) for a charge that will be billable to you or your authorised representative.

4.4. SimpfyTech holds the right to collect personal information about you from the credit reporting agency for validating the credit application, if required.

4.5. In case of any arrears of payment from you within the due date, Simpfytech holds the right to suspend or even terminate the service specific to the payment. This can also apply to any service or product that has been registered with a third-party through Simpfytech. This does not relieve you of the obligatory payment.

5. Liability:

5.1. Liability of SimpfyTech is limited to services. This is limited to supplying services against the payment.

6. Compatibility:

6.1. SimpfyTech is not responsible for any compatibility issues that may arise from the client end which obstructs the working of the services provided by SimpfyTech.

7. Content:

7.1. It will be your responsibility to make sure that the website content warnings will be displayed in case the content is not suitable for any section of the society.

8. Links & Publicity:

8.1. You hereby acknowledge that SimpfyTech may use your name and logo in the marketing material for the purpose of identifying you as a client of SImpfyTech. You have the option to withdraw the permission with a 30 day notification for the same. 

9. Your Website Content and Use:

9.1. It is your sole responsibility to make sure that your website content is not illegal, deceptive, defamatory, derogative, inaccurate, discriminatory or involved in any kind of spamming activity.

10. Bandwidth Allowance:

10.1. Data transfer bandwidth will remain as agreed on the website and final quotation. Any extra usage is chargeable.

11. Access:

11.1 SimpfyTech is not responsible for loss of Username or Password from your end. You are solely responsible for keeping your login details safe.