Our privacy policy describes how your data will be handled by SimpfyTech. As a client and as a visitor, we understand the importance of your personal information. Below are some of the privacy details of the SimpfyTech website.  In case you have any other concerns related to privacy policy, please feel free to email us at info@simpfytech.com.

Basic Principle

SimpfyTech, based in NSW, Australia, have our privacy policy which adheres to Australian Privacy Principles (APPs) as per the Privacy Act 1988. 

It contains 13 Australian Privacy Principles which outlines about 

  • Rights and obligations related to collection, use and disclosure of personal information. Also standards about how individuals can access and correct personal information and maintain its integrity. 
  • The definition of “personal information” is defined in section 6 of the Privacy Act. It includes a broad range of information or opinion that can identify the individual. It also depends on whether the person can be identified or is reasonably identifiable through this information. The Privacy Act 1988 does not cover the personal information of someone who has died. 


The purpose of collecting personal information is to provide the user with related products, services of information. In certain circumstances we do collect personal data from third parties or public sources, provided there is an attached consent to be used in this manner. It is sourced from companies who have the permission to disclose it. Below are some of the different ways in which we collect personal information. 

Data Collected by SimpfyTech Website

  • User Contact Forms

By filling in the contact form, the user wishes to get in touch with us. We use this data to get back in response to the query. As the user expresses interest in our product, we may use this information to notify the user of some of the services that we provide, which is related to the original query raised. 

  • Mailing Lists 

A user who enters information in a mailing list, voluntarily gives consent to SimpfyTech to add their data to our email list. Mailing lists send out emails related to what we do and new developments that we make as a company. But be assured that we do not spam. We abide by the rules and regulations defined by the Australian Communications and Media Authority. Details about the same are defined in the marketing section of this privacy policy. 

  • Cookies

Cookies are small pieces of text data which can identify your browser. Web servers can store this data and later retrieve it from the user’s data. But please be aware that cookies do not personally identify the user. Cookies can be in the form of Persistent or Session cookies. Persistent cookies are stored in the user computer for a period of time and used to track when the user returns to our website. Session cookies are short lived and are used only during a certain session.
We use cookies to track the visitor count to the website and use this data for developmental purposes. Personally identifiable information is not collected through a cookie. The user can manually block all cookies from our site. Browser settings can also be used to control the reach of cookies. Allaboutcookies.org can provide more information. 

  • Visitor Data

Site analytics makes use of digital identifiers that collect information on site visitors for statistical purposes. 

These are anonymous statistical data related to number of users, date and time of visit, time spent on a page and traffic data. We do not identify the user and this is solely used for evaluating the website performance and to improve the content of the site. 

Data Collected from Other Sources

We use data acquired from other companies which have the authority to disclose this data. The information provided by the third party complies with their privacy policy. 

  • Social Networking Websites
    While accessing social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter etc. through the widgets on our website, the visits will be under the terms and privacy policy of the concerned service provider. 
  • Google Maps and other Embedded Content
    We have embedded content like Google Maps which is placed on our website. We use the service provided by them and any interaction with such services will be according to their respective privacy policy.

  • Third Party Commenting Platforms

    If the user is providing personal information on comments in user generated posts or on third party platforms like Disqus, Google + etc, may become and remain public.
  • Third Party Poll or Survey Plugin

    We may use third party poll or survey platforms like Survey Monkey for business development purposes. We have control over the data collected, but please note that the data usage policy is also regulated by the privacy policy of that provider. We do proper research to ensure that we choose providers who abide by Australian privacy laws.


Usage Disclosure

Personal information of users or from third parties is used for the purpose which was requested of us, or for our website and business purposes. We strictly state that we do not pass over user information to other entities or bodies, and is governed as per APP section 6. 

APP Section 6 allows data disclosure with the consent of the individual. It will also be informed if the information is passed to other entities or bodies. The data can also be passed over if it is required by law. 

Direct Marketing

At SimpfyTech we do not spam our users. We acquire personal information so that we can send advertising content that may interest you to suit your query or location.
All our direct marketing mails contain an unsubscribe link on the bottom of the email. Users can manage messages through this option and opt-out if they wish to. 

Data Security

Appropriate steps are taken to ensure the integrity of the personal information to prevent from loss, unauthorised use, modification and any other misuse. All our IT systems are password protected. We have our concerns and therefore we cannot disclose any further information on our security systems. All personal information are destroyed when the situation requires, done in a secure manner.

Cross-Border Disclosure of Personal Information

We may have overseas entities who are direct partners and are not located in Australia or its external territory. Some personal information may be shared with or disclosed to these entities if required. We have ensured that the data still remains intact as per APP section 8. Special policies have also been formulated to ensure the security of information on this regard. 

Access and Correction of Information

Personal information data is kept updated. In case you find that it is inaccurate, please contact us at info@simpfytech.com . Please note that we will not be able to provide access to some information as quoted in Australian Privacy laws. These are situations where it may affect somebody else’s privacy or be a threat. 

Complaints Handling

To raise any issue regarding violation of APP by SimpfyTech, please talk to us or leave a message at info@simpfytech.com.

How to Reach Us

We understand the importance of your personal information and we are always ready to address your concerns regarding the same. 

Team SimpfyTech

Phone No: +61-409 597 147