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Opening an E-Commerce Store- Busting the Myths

Most of the misconceptions about Opening an E-Commerce Store have recently been debunked with the sway toward digitisation. Yet there is an intense need to open up eCommerce web development to prospective retailers, wholesalers and handcrafters. Several myths still hold in the minds of people regarding an online store. A simple one is a thought that eCommerce is not for all and it is only for the techies. People are made to believe that starting a webstore is a complicated process and that it does not produce the expected ROI.

Online businesses also come with related challenges, as in a physical store. For the developing world, the internet has bought the world closer. Now is the best time to indulge in an online business. It’s high time e-sellers realise the immense potential of opening an eCommerce store. With proper planning, it can be a great survival platform for sellers.

With more people venturing into online businesses, there is increased competition. Let us clear some common misconceptions around eCommerce and explain what it takes to manage a business online.

Opening an E-Commerce Store- Busting the Myths

Myth 1: Too much competition and You Won’t stand a chance.

Competition makes the business stronger. More buyers come to the platform to make a purchase. Your chances of getting noticed can be increased with proper planning. With the growing exposure of eCommerce, there are more buyers and more assets. Thus the digital platform has become the best place to sell your products/services. The solution here is to provide value to the visitor.

If there is only one physical store selling a particular product in your locality, you will visit that store for that product. The same applies to internet stores also; keep your store unique and reachable.

Myth 2: Opening an E-Commerce Store is only for people in the Tech sector

Launching an eCommerce store is technological. But once set up, people can quickly do the handling of the store with some basic knowledge. A CMS-based eCommerce platform like the ones provided by SimpfyTech can be the optimal solution. With an integrated ecosystem to run your store, you will have your store fully set up and ready to operate. Unlike most other website builder platforms, you do not have to create the store or manage the technical stuff.

All the basic integrations like payment gateway, design, initial product uploads and overall site design are done by SimpfyTech. You can start selling from day one with 24/7 support.

Myth 3: Online Payments are not Safe

Even in the physical shopping scenario, most payments are made with UPI, credit or debit card. The same system is also being used in online shopping. Yet many are still sceptical about it. There is a constant fear of cyber-criminals and hackers lingering around the world. SSL encryption is a feature to look out for while opening an online business. With this, you can make your online webstore safe and secure. Most people use malware and virus security software.

Cards, e-Wallets, and two-factor authentication have led to online transactions’ encryption.

Opening an E-Commerce Store- Busting the Myths

Myth 4: The cost of Opening an E-Commerce store and its promotion is very costly.

With the increased number of website development companies, the costs have decreased significantly. Also, unlike a brick-and-mortar store, the monthly rates will be much lower comparatively. With the need for a free website, people resort to website builders. Such builder websites will be time-consuming and will not add value to your store.

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With the advent of social media, online marketing has been made simpler and more cost-effective. You can find your target customers through these social media channels and promote your products through engagement and interaction.

Myth 5: Online market can be captured only with rock bottom prices

Rock bottom prices will not create magic with online buyers. Surveys and stats state that customers look for value products that are rightly priced before making a purchase. Positive reviews, clear images and videos and proper descriptions will be able to give you the edge over the rest. People relate very cheap rates with inferior products.

Unique products of high quality are most revered by customers, provided the price is reasonable.

The list can go on, as many myths exist about opening an eCommerce store. The article is meant to motivate those entrepreneurs who have withheld themselves due to these myths. Any new venture is challenging, but proper planning can make it a success story.

Have you been fiddling with an innovative or unique business idea for an eCommerce store? Contact us, and we will help you take your picture forward.

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