Frequently Asked Questions

We can get a simple website up and running within 24 hours. That's our USP. In case, there is a more complex design involved with extensive discussion sessions, then we approximate at around 24 days. That's the time for knowing the requirement, building the prototype and yet another set of discussions.

The decision of redesigning your website has to be made at the right time. There is loss of reputation and money associated with this. You will have to make this decision when you realise that there are not enough site visitors and those who drop in at the site do not get what they need. A good website has several elements and among which User interface and navigation are some of the key elements that can keep people in your website.

Blog is one content of the website which can be updated from time to time. This can help in ranking your website and get the attention of web crawlers. When it concerns security and functionality of a website, these will have to be closely watched and updated if required. And it also needs minor changes when you add, delete or modify your service and with new clientele.

Yes, Of course. We deliver responsive websites. Regardless of the device involved, the website scales to fit in the screen. This ensures that the website content always aligns, is clear and optimised for the viewer.

Well, a good lot of input. Knowledge about the purpose of the website, the necessary functionality, kind of audience and several other factors are essential to help us create a well planned prototype.

You can always reach out to us. Even a single email and we will promptly connect to our client. Even after the project is delivered, we stay connected with our client.

We would like to hear from you

Connect with us on a call and let us discuss.

Talk to our team, we would love to hear your ideas and help you with how to implement it.